What is it?


AS Virve Hobusekasvatus is a private enterprise, established in the beginning of 1990, owned by the Viiard family.

The company is based on a traditional South-Estonian agricultural farm with 50 ha of arable land and 25 ha of forest. All activities, including keeping, growing, and training horses, but also economic management, are done by our family.

Peeter Viiard, head of the staff, is a veterinarian who graduated from Estonian Agricultural Academy in 1984. There have been different jobs for Peeter outside of the farm. From 1994 to 2002 he worked for different public and private companies. Developing local authorities in this region, leading insurance company's regional branch, reorganising vocational education system, and some other project managements - it is collected practical stake for resultant management of his own company. After the birth of son Richard, father Peeter has stayed at home and worked only for his own company.

Apart from growing horses, the company was involved in farm tourism business from 1994 to 1998. This activity was finished after a fire accident in our house in March, 1998.

From year 2000, after bringing new breeding material from Europe, we have been more involved with breeding of Estonian sport horses (ESH). We have every year 2-3 certified stallions in use. In our farm we have 4-5 foals every year, as for service we cover 20-30 mares.

All our more perspective young horses are trained and competed on by Peeter.