The most important side in our business is, of course, how to make a right choice.

There is no absolutely good advice. Good results depend on very many circumstances and intuition, of course, after all. One important thing in making choices is understanding horse's psychology. It comes best by constant examination of every horse. There have been many of them, which seemed to be better than they really were and vice versa. If you live together with your horses, then give your best to understand them. This is the best way for making good choices.

We talk with our horses quite a lot and we are together with them all the time. Horses are very social by nature and talking is a supporting way to being in friendly contact with them. If you don’t have a good relationship with the horse, you can't understand his/her mind. If you have found a way to be in closer contact with a horse, you will understand his/her weaknesses and strengths and you can decide when punishment is needed. It is something you can’t make mistakes with at all.

Don’t start training very early, maybe the horse is not ready for this. But to know, when the time is ready for closer contact, you need to examine the situation rather often. First contact must be made very early, when the foal is still supported by the mare.